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Unlock the value in your unstructured data with Count.

AI powered text analytics is as easy as 1, 2, 3, Yabble.


Discover what matters most in your data with Count.

Automate the analysis of unstructured data to uncover themes, sub-themes, sentiment, and trends. With Count, you're not just counting; you're unlocking actionable insights 1000x faster than an expert human. Dive deeper into understanding your audience's mindset and identifying the business drivers crucial for growth.

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How does Count work?

Count helps you pinpoint places for improvement, allows you to optimize your customer and brand experiences, and validates business strategy and decisions – it's as simple as 1, 2, 3, Yabble.

Import your existing data, or create data in Yabble


Let Count analyze your data 1000x faster than a human


Dive into your insights to drive your business strategy


Take advantage of the benefits of Count

Count makes generating insights from unstructured data effortless with Yabble.

Analyze data from nearly any source

Count is capable of analyzing data from nearly any source, including survey responses, forum responses, product reviews, and unnested comments from social media.


Reveal themes and sub-themes in your data

Theme and sub-theme counts allow you to unlock immense value from your text data. They enable you to see the most talked-about subjects within a particular dataset and can tell you instantly where the biggest drivers and inhibitors of your business lie. 


Uncover how your customers feel with sentiment analysis

Yabble provides in-depth sentiment analysis, displaying it in the form of a sentiment score that gives you an immediate numerical snapshot of the positive, negative, and neutral feelings around a particular subject.

Yabble customers love Count.


“Yabble has enabled us to very quickly make sense of open ended verbatims with great accuracy and clarity. We are quickly able to identify core themes and sentiments allowing us to deep dive where it matters most. It is also great at taking qualitative transcripts and summarising them in short and concise summaries. This enabled us to unlock additional key insights missed in original interviews.”

Alessandro Trainini Director Analytics and Insights, Procter & Gamble


Access the full Yabble toolbox with one monthly subscription 

With subscriptions starting at less than US$800 p/m, unlocking the world of new possibilities for your insights has never been easier.

Yabble’s, all-inclusive subscription model includes access to: Count, Gen, Summarize, Stories and Yabble’s latest AI generative innovation Virtual Audiences.

The more you Yabble, the more you save.


Count FAQs

What is Count, and why is it useful?

What kinds of data can you run in Yabble Count?

What can theme counts tell me about my unstructured text dataset?

What are themes and sub-themes?

What are sentiment and sentiment scores?

How does the filter functionality work?

What can I see on my Explore page?

Can I export my data?

How does pricing work?

Can I upload a custom code frame?

Can I edit my data?

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