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Whatever your insights needs, we've got you covered

Improve your text analytics capabilities and revolutionize your insights program with our cost-effective pricing solutions.

Credits are our unit of value for open-ended text data; the more credits you purchase, the greater the value.

Start your Yabble journey today.

Starter Bundle
Have a couple of projects you're keen to generate insights from? Get up and running with the Starter Bundle, and experience the power of Yabble for yourself.
10,000 credits
1 user license
Access to Count, Query, and Summarize
CSV upload
Online customer support
Help Center access
Most popular
Pro Bundle
For individuals or teams with ongoing insights needs. Maximize your budget and get the most value from your data with Pro.
50,000 credits
Unlimited licenses
Access to Count, Query, and Summarize
CSV upload
Dedicated customer support
Help Center access
Enterprise Bundle
An industry-leading solution for large, specialized insights teams or agencies. Integrate Yabble with your existing systems, and put its speed and simplicity to work to eliminate manual tasks, save money, revolutionize productivity, and accelerate growth and innovation.
100,000+ credits
Unlimited licenses
Access to Count, Query, and Summarize
CSV upload
Dedicated customer support
Help Center access

Want access to the full suite of Yabble tools? Go for a subscription!

Choose an all-in-one subscription plan to get access to our survey tools and MyPanel customer communities, as well as the AI-powered Count, Query, and Summarize products. 


Frequently asked questions 


Are there any set-up fees?

When will my billing start once I sign up?

When will my credit card be charged if I sign up to the 7-day free trial on the Pro plan?

What forms of payment do you accept?

Can I set up monthly invoicing instead of signing up with a credit card?

Can I pay yearly instead of monthly?

Subscription plans

I need help figuring out which plan subscription I should be on. What should I do?

Can I change my plan subscription during my plan cycle?

Can I add more user licenses to my subscription?

What happens to my current users if I downgrade my plan during the billing cycle?

Onboarding + customer support

How do I get started with Yabble?

What's included in my free 7-day trial on the Pro plan?

What if I need extra onboarding or monthly customer support hours?

Hey Yabble

How do Hey Yabble credits work?

How do I purchase more Hey Yabble credits?

How do I know when my credits will expire?

Is it possible to add an additional credits bundle to my recurring plan subscription?


What is MyPanel?

What does MyPanel cost?