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Yabble ChatGPT Plugin FAQ

How does the Yabble ChatGPT Plugin work?

How do I access the Yabble ChatPGPT plugin?

What is augmented data?

Can I ask any research question for any audience?

How much data can I create?

How to I conduct further research on my insights?

Is data protected when I use the Yabble ChatGPT plugin?

How much does it cost to use the Yabble ChatGPT plugin?

Yabble Gen FAQ

What is Gen?

What does Beta release mean?

How much does Gen cost?

Count FAQs

What is Count, and why is it useful?

What kinds of data can you run in Yabble Count?

What can theme counts tell me about my unstructured text dataset?

What are themes and sub-themes?

What are sentiment and sentiment scores?

How does the filter functionality work?

What can I see on my Explore page?

Can I export my data?

How does pricing work?

Summarize FAQ

What is Hey Yabble Summarize and why is it useful?

Can Summarize do an overall summary of all interviews?

Audiences FAQ

What is MyPanel?

How do I find out more about MyPanel?

Which countries can I find audiences in?

Can I reach business or niche audiences?

How much data can I upload via CSV?

Billing FAQ

Are there any set-up fees?

What forms of payment do you accept?

So I can pay by credit card?

When will my billing start once I sign up?

When will my credit card be charged if I sign up to the 7-day free trial on the Pro plan?

Can I set up monthly invoicing instead of signing up with a credit card?

Can I pay yearly instead of monthly?

Subscription plans FAQ

What plans does Yabble offer?

I need help figuring out which plan subscription I should be on. What should I do?

Can I change my plan during my billing cycle?

Can I add more user licenses to my subscription?

What happens to my current users if I downgrade my plan during the billing cycle?

Onboarding + customer support FAQ

How do I get started with Yabble?

What's included in my free 7-day trial on the Pro plan?

What if I need extra onboarding or monthly customer support hours?

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