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AI-generated data.
Unlimited insights.

Instant access to market insights, trends, brand perceptions, written concept tests, segmentations, and more with Virtual Audiences – as easy as 1, 2, 3, Yabble.

Virtual Audiences Hershey's Brand Perception Output
Gen Z preferred platforms insight from Virtual Audiences
Abercrombie & Fitch brand perception insight from Virtual Audiences
American express brand perception insight from Virtual Audiences
Tech adoption influences insights from Virtual Audiences

Meet Virtual Audiences, an industry step change.

Our latest cutting-edge AI technology solution bypasses the time and cost associated with traditional fieldwork and dives straight into gathering insights in minutes. Powered by Yabble's proprietary Augmented Data model, Virtual Audiences are infinitely knowledgeable. Generating accurate, deep and meaningful insights on almost any topic. No fieldwork, no quota management, no waiting weeks.

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How do Virtual Audiences work?

Virtual Audiences make access to insights on any market, anywhere, effortless – it's as simple as 1, 2, 3, Yabble.

Add your question or topic


Validate your personas and approve your questions


Start generating insights



What can I use Virtual Audiences for?

Virtual Audiences is constantly growing in features and capabilities to give you access to unlimited insights to answer your research questions – it's as easy as 1, 2, 3, Yabble.
Use Case Yes Coming soon...
Market exploration
Attitudes to brands
Written concept testing
Simple market/customer segmentations
B2B sample
Custom segments
Visual concepts
Scale questions
Brand/experience tracking
Top-up or blended completes

Take advantage of the benefits of Virtual Audiences

Powered by Yabble’s proprietary Augmented Data model, our Virtual Audiences are infinitely knowledgeable providing deep meaningful interactions that generate accurate insights to guide your next big move. Make generating insights effortless with our 1, 2, 3, Yabble approach.

Remove time consuming and costly fieldwork

Virtual Audiences are powered by Yabble’s proprietary Augmented Data model. This means we can offer a rich, detailed view of consumer behaviors, preferences, and trends in real-time. Each audience is dynamic and created to answer your insight questions without any traditional survey or interview data collection needed.


Reach any audience, anywhere

Virtual audiences are dynamic and are created on a topic-by-topic basis. This ensures that the latest, most relevant audience is created to generate insights just for you. You can easily pinpoint specific target groups or scale your study to include more markets than with traditional methods – all with immediate responses, real-time analysis and quick iterations.


Have answers in minutes

Go from business question to insight in minutes – with Yabble's Virtual Audiences. We use the combined knowledge of Large Language Models (LLMs), recent and relevant trend data, social data, behavioral statistics and, where appropriate, your proprietary datasets to generate the latest, most relevant insights for you in minutes.


Virtual Audiences in action

Marketing & market research use cases for synthetic data – with Virtual Audiences.


Gauging consumer preferences

Healthcare & pharmaceuticals


We asked Virtual Audiences:

💡 Conducting research to understand patient needs, evaluate the effectiveness of medications, and assess market demand for new medical treatments.

Entertainment & media


We asked Virtual Audiences:

💡 Understanding audience preferences for different types of content, platforms (streaming, traditional TV, etc.), and genres.

Consumer electronics


We asked Virtual Audiences:

💡 What do consumers prefer when it comes to features in smartphones, laptops, and other tech gadgets?


New product concept testing



We asked Virtual Audiences:

💡 Gauging consumer interest in various car models, features, and technological advancements like electric vehicles.

Food & beverage


We asked Virtual Audiences:

💡 Analyzing consumer tastes and dietary trends to inform the development of new products, such as plant-based foods or energy drinks.



Brand perception tracking

What do consumers think of American Express?

We asked Virtual Audiences:

💡 How do consumers outside of America perceive American Express? Do they see a benefit to utilizing American Express services and benefits compared with other bank holding companies with payment cards?

Is Hershey's considered a household name for snacks & confectionery by consumers?

We asked Virtual Audiences:

💡 How do Americans perceive Hershey’s confectionary products, and how do they compare its products to other confectionary brands?



Audience & segmentation insights

Understanding what makes Gen Z tick.

We asked Virtual Audiences:

💡 What are Gen Z's distinct behaviors, preferences and values?

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Nicola Q. // Founder & CEO, Small Business
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With subscriptions starting at less than US$800 p/m, unlocking the world of new possibilities for your insights has never been easier.

Yabble’s, all-inclusive subscription model includes access to: Count, Gen, Summarize, Stories and Yabble’s latest AI generative innovation Virtual Audiences.

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Yabble Virtual Audiences FAQs

How does the Yabble Virtual Audiences product work?

How do I access the Yabble Virtual Audiences product?

What is augmented data for Virtual Audiences?

Can I ask any research question for any audience?

How much data can I create?

How do I conduct further research on my insights?

Is data protected when I use the Yabble Virtual Audiences product?

How much will it cost to use the Yabble Virtual Audiences product?

Proprietary Data for Virtual Audiences FAQs

What are some examples of good ‘proprietary data’ that I can use with Virtual Audiences?

Can I upload multiple files types at once?

What types of files can I upload?

How long will it take my data to process?

How much does my proprietary data come into play vs. synthetic data?

How relevant does the topic need to be to the proprietary data? What happens if the data is irrelevant?

Can I do a Virtual Audiences project entirely run on proprietary data?

Can I customize the weight I give my proprietary data vs. other sources that are used?

What if I don't have any demographic data for my proprietary data?

If I put my target audience as ages 18 – 45 but my data includes ages 18 – 65, will it disregard the irrelevant data?

Can I re-use personas and/or go back to the same project and ask more questions?

How does it deal with images that might be in proprietary data? i.e. if you're importing a PDF that is a report of some kind, can that be imported?

Can I link my Yabble-collected data to a Virtual Audience project?

Can I access my proprietary data for theme counting, summarisation or to chat with Gen?

Can I ask my personas about specific proprietary data that I've uploaded?

How does it look at close-ended data? e.g. survey data that talks about awareness of certain programs, customer satisfaction, etc.?

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