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Your ultimate AI research assistant – meet Gen.

Chatting with your data is as easy as 1, 2, 3, Yabble.


Engage in a dynamic conversation with your data using Gen.

Ask unlimited questions, explore emerging trends, or drill down on specific topics to generate insights swiftly. With Gen, insights are just a question away.

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How does Gen work?

Start chatting with with your data today. Ask unlimited questions, dive deeper into emerging trends or focus on a particular topic – it's as simple as 1, 2, 3, Yabble.

Import your existing data, or create data in Yabble


Start a chat with Gen


Ask unlimited questions to uncover rich insights


Take advantage of the benefits of Gen

Gen makes chatting with your data and uncovering rich insights effortless.

Rethink how you create insights

You can generate insights from any type of data with Gen, from longer qualitative interviews to shorter product reviews and surveys. Just ask Gen your question and have game changing insights instantly. Insight based strategic decision making has never been easier. 


Have the freedom to explore your datasets

Create unlimited insights quickly and iteratively. Customers have already asked over 10,000 questions to Gen. There’s no limit to the number of questions you can ask. Gen delivers insights immediately using the best natural language models and Yabble’s 20,000+ hours of collective research knowledge. 


No need to run cross tabs or read transcripts anymore

Designed to help you uncover hidden insights – with Gen you can ask your data unlimited questions. Focus on a particular topic, drill down to key behaviors or explore your data holistically.

Yabble customers love Gen.


“I love being able to chat with my data.  It's perfect for diving deeper into all the different topics and getting insights quickly.  It's super easy to use.”

Early Beta User


Access the full Yabble toolbox with one monthly subscription 

With subscriptions starting at less than US$800 p/m, unlocking the world of new possibilities for your insights has never been easier.

Yabble’s, all-inclusive subscription model includes access to: Count, Gen, Summarize, Stories and Yabble’s latest AI generative innovation Virtual Audiences.

The more you Yabble, the more you save.


Gen FAQs

What is Gen?

How do I use Gen?

How do I get the most out of Gen?

How to structure your question to Gen?

How to structure a conversation with Gen to get the best insights possible.

Can Gen talk to long and short form data?

Can Gen talk to Yabble theme-counted data?

Why can’t Gen give me accurate percentages or numbers?

Why doesn’t Gen give me the exact same answer for the exact same question?

Do I have to give a complete context to each question I ask?

Why doesn’t Gen use all of my survey responses (or ‘comments’) every time?

What languages does Gen like?

Why does Gen sometimes answer the same question it didn’t earlier in a conversation?

Why can’t Gen do specific things I ask?

Why do Gen and the Explore show different counts for comments used in the response?

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