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18 & 19 MARCH 2024

This year's theme aims to get us thinking about the future of “us", the humans in the story. As large language models like ChatGPT rapidly weave their way into the insights industry, how will our role evolve? What are we doing now that we soon won’t need to do? What will we soon be compelled to do that we haven’t even considered yet? Let’s explore the human element in an increasingly machine-driven insights world.


Want to ride the synthetic data wave? Dive in now with your own data

26 Mar // 2:00pm PST & 27 Mar // 9:30am PST

When multiple Fortune 100 companies are using synthetic data, you know you should be too. Synthetic data's growth trajectory is truly astounding. Market Research expert and President Elect at Greenbook, Ray Poynter, has been quoted saying that he is “convinced that Synthetic Data will be a big part of market research and insights quite soon.” Join Doug Guion as he explores the rapidly evolving world of synthetic data and its indispensable role in today's competitive landscape.

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