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Welcome to the Yabble AI Academy.

Upskill yourself in AI and arm yourself with the knowledge to unlock the potential of AI insights in your business – from the AI experts.


Yabble Guide to Generative AI for Audience Insights

Welcome to the Yabble Guide to Generative AI for Audience Insights, a comprehensive resource designed to equip marketers and insights professionals with the latest tools and strategies for leveraging generative AI for audience insights.

This guide delves into the practical applications of generative AI across various facets of marketing – from essential tips for mastering audience insights, to the top Martech tools for audience insights, how AI-driven insights is transforming marketing & insights strategies, and most importantly, how to get started.


Generative AI in FMCG: Driving Innovation and Market Insights

Are you ready to revolutionize your market research and marketing strategies?

We are thrilled to invite you to our groundbreaking webinar, ‘Generative AI in FMCG: Driving Innovation and Market Insights.’ Gain insights on cost and time efficiency, real-time competitive reviews, and more with Emily Blumenthal – Customer Growth Director @ Yabble.

With over 20 years of experience in customer experience, insights, data, and marketing for some of the biggest retail, media, and FMCG companies in New Zealand, Emily is leading the way in implementing AI insight solutions for brands in the APAC market.


Insight Platforms: Synthetic Data for Research & Insights with Doug Guion

Learn all about synthetic data for research & insights: what it is, where it comes from, how you can use it and why it’s here to stay.

Synthetic Data. Augmented Data. Synthetic Personas. Virtual Audiences. Whatever you call it, new types of generated data are coming to the research & insights industry.

Get up to speed fast in this Insight Platforms masterclass with Doug Guion (Chief Growth Officer at Yabble).


The Marketing Practice: AI Incubator - exciting tools for B2B marketers

Alastair Hussain, SVP Strategy at The Marketing Practice, introduces presentations and demos from some of the most promising start-ups creating value from genAI in B2B marketing and beyond. 

Hear from Yabble’s own Doug Guion, Chief Growth Officer, as he showcases Virtual Audiences on the global stage! 


Want to ride the synthetic data wave? Dive in now with your own data

When multiple Fortune 100 companies are using synthetic data, you know you should be too. Join Doug Guion as he explores the rapidly evolving world of synthetic data and its indispensable role in today's competitive landscape, including:

  • The latest innovations in synthetic data for market research
  • The doors these innovations open for brands and agencies alike
  • How custom synthetic data can provide business-specific data to your projects, and
  • Tips to building your business case for synthetic data solutions in your business

Vetting Your Synthetic Data Providers

Synthetic data is a hot topic right now – and for good reason! It is one of history's largest disruptions to the market research industry.

This guide highlights the benefits and limitations of synthetic data, the importance of understanding its creation process, and the need for measures to address ethical concerns and biases. It also outlines the key questions for you to use when vetting synthetic data providers.


Are you asking the right questions about synthetic data?

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and dive into the synthetic data deep end with Kathryn Topp, CEO & Founder of Yabble, and Doug Guion, Chief Growth Officer at Yabble. We're tossing out the script and taking on the questions you've been itching to ask. Wondering how to tell a top-notch synthetic data provider from a dud? Or maybe you're curious about squeezing every ounce of value out of your data? Kathryn and Doug are here to light the way.


Synthetic Data in the Real World of Research

In this guide, you will find:
  • An overview of the history of synthetic data

  • A comparison of the traditional research process against that which tools like Virtual Audiences enable
  • Case studies and use cases for synthetic data in research RIGHT NOW


Traditional panels are dead!

Of course, traditional panels aren’t truly dead – there is still a valid place for them as a part of your insights strategy.

But we’re in a new age of data creation. Let’s stop pretending that human opinion is the gold standard. 

Join Doug Guion, Chief Growth Officer at Yabble, as he walks you through:

  • How synthetic data is stacking up against traditional sample across accuracy, relevancy, and quality of insight
  • When and why panel research still holds its ground and how it can be effectively combined with AI-driven methods for unparalleled results
  • How brands are using synthetic data TODAY to supercharge their insights  

Synthetic data is going to eat you(r job)!

Synthetic Data, Augmented Data, Synthetic Personas, Virtual Audiences – whatever you want to call it – are here, NOW, democratizing access to insights. You can now chat with, interact with and interpret insights generated by Virtual Audiences in minutes – generating in under an hour what took traditional sample a week or more to generate in days gone by.

Join Doug Guion, Chief Growth Officer at Yabble and 25+ year research industry aficionado, as he walks you through:

  • What the !@#$ are Synthetic Personas/Virtual Audiences?
  • How can they make your research spend infinitely more efficient?
  • Shelf-ready Virtual Audiences generating insights RIGHT NOW for brands globally

Getting the most out of Synthetic Data.

What it is and where to start – a practical guide for marketers and market researchers looking to get started with utilizing synthetic data in their practice.

This practical guide, brought to you by the AI for insights experts, has the answers to:

  1. Where your data comes from
  2. How to ask the right questions
  3. And how to know the answers are valid

Access the full Yabble toolbox with one monthly subscription 

With subscriptions starting at less than US$800 p/m, unlocking the world of new possibilities for your insights has never been easier.

Yabble’s, all-inclusive subscription model includes access to: Count, Gen, Summarize, Stories and Yabble’s latest AI generative innovation Virtual Audiences.

The more you Yabble, the more you save.

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"Yabble has enabled us to very quickly make sense of open ended verbatims with great accuracy and clarity. We are quickly able to identify core themes and sentiments allowing us to deep dive where it matters most. It is also great at taking qualitative transcripts and summarising them in short and concise summaries. This enabled us to unlock additional key insights missed in original interviews.”

Alessandro Trainini
Director Analytics and Insights | Procter & Gamble


“The Yabble platform turns what’s usually quite a cumbersome, costly, time-intensive process into something quick, easy, and cost-effective — meaning we can actually perform market research more regularly and get more from our data.”

Nick Cook
General Manager of Marketing | Mad Mex


"We love Yabble for Quant Open Ends: We just tried doing this for the first time and love it. We are going to make sure we do this for all of our studies moving forward. We like the trends and themes analysis."

Yabble User
Co-Founder, Managing Partner | Anonymous Market Research Agency


"I used the Summarize product to analyze about 10 executive interviews. I usually plan between 2-3 hours per interview for the analysis and report writing. The entire process using Yabble took 15 minutes (uploading and analysis). When I checked the quality versus what I would have written - the were no exclusions or inclusions that shouldn't have been. The final product I delivered to the client took about 3 hours instead of 30. Qualitative analysis of 1-1 interviews is traditionally a long, tedious process. Yabble was brilliant in making that process quick and simple. Speed is one thing, but the level of similarity between what I would have done manually and what it did automatically was very surprising."

Gregg Archibald
Managing Partner | Gen2 Advisors


“Hey Yabble has exceeded our expectations; in a matter of minutes, it identifies and counts the themes as well as providing sample comments. So this not only saves me time and money, but the counting function improves the quality and reliability of insights I can provide to the business. I was a little skeptical at first at how accurate the AI technology could be, but I’ve validated the output so many times and seen the value that I’m now very comfortable relying on Hey Yabble.”

Megan Walker
Research and Insights Lead | Contact Energy


"For us, Yabble has the potential to remove this [manual] effort, provide super specific and accurate feedback for the thousands of responses we receive on a monthly basis and do that for all responses in a fraction of time of what it would take should we manually analyze. This ultimately means that we can provide to teams as actionable insight as possible and really show specific direction for improvements whilst minimising our analysis time and making us more efficient."

Yabble User
CX Insights Lead | Anonymous Online Travel Agency


"Putting our customers’ needs at the heart of our innovation is crucial. Our Sky Nation Customer Community run using Yabble’s tools is one of our greatest assets for rich conversations and ideation."

Head of Marketing Strategy, CX & Data Insights
Sky NZ


"Yabble is next level! Our team was after in-depth consumer insights. Rachel and her team were incredible! They delivered robust insights which enabled us to design a product our consumers want. We needed consumer research in a complex market. The research results will enable us to launch a project designed by the target consumer. In addition, the platform was fast and very intuitive to use. Therefore, I would highly recommended."

Bridget G. - Collected via G2
Marketing Manager | Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)


"For the first time, we were able to effectively gather real-time data at a smaller activation cost and provide valuable feedback for future activation."

Senior Manager, Consumer & Shopper Insights
Carlton United Breweries


“When COVID hit, we were already using Yabble in-house across a range of services. Panic buying was an early concern, and using Yabble’s software, we were able to immediately detect what percentage of our market had already participated in panic buying so we could forward plan.”

Dominic Quinn
General Manager, Marketing & CX Strategy | Foodstuffs NZ

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