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What do our customers have to say?

Yabble's roster is diverse, and we play an important role in the growth and success of global brands of all sizes — including leading fast-casual chains, supermarket empires, media companies, and FMCG producers.
But don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say about the transformative power of Yabble.
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“The Yabble platform turns what’s usually quite a cumbersome, costly, time-intensive process into something quick, easy, and cost-effective — meaning we can actually perform market research more regularly and get more from our data.”

Nick Cook, General Manager of Marketing
Mad Mex

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“Hey Yabble has exceeded our expectations; in a matter of minutes, it identifies and counts the themes as well as providing sample comments. So this not only saves me time and money, but the counting function improves the quality and reliability of insights I can provide to the business. I was a little skeptical at first at how accurate the AI technology could be, but I’ve validated the output so many times and seen the value that I’m now very comfortable relying on Hey Yabble.”

Megan Walker, Research and Insights Lead
Contact Energy

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“The Hey Yabble platform is really impressive. As soon as the data was in, visualizations of the top-level results were available. However, the biggest benefit was in the rapid delivery of insights from qualitative questions. Rather than spending hours, if not days, reading and coding open-ended question responses to get insight, the platform provided an insightful summary of respondent comments that I was able to confirm with the “raw” data. This feature will definitely save me time and money.”

Julie Lee, Professor of Marketing
University of Western Australia

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"Putting our customers’ needs at the heart of our innovation is crucial. Our Sky Nation Customer Community run using Yabble’s tools is one of our greatest assets for rich conversations and ideation."

Head of Marketing Strategy, CX & Data Insights
Sky NZ

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"For the first time, we were able to effectively gather real-time data at a smaller activation cost and provide valuable feedback for future activation."

Senior Manager, Consumer & Shopper Insights
Carlton United Breweries

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“When COVID hit, we were already using Yabble in-house across a range of services. Panic buying was an early concern, and using Yabble’s software, we were able to immediately detect what percentage of our market had already participated in panic buying so we could forward plan.”

Dominic Quinn, Foodstuffs Group General Manager, Marketing & CX Strategy
Foodstuffs NZ