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Easily create data for insights generation, and connect with the people who matter most to your business.

Need to create data to mine for insights? Use our intuitive, mobile-friendly survey tools to collect the vital feedback that will propel your business into the future.

Then, use our Audience tools to connect with your own customers or access any other audience you’re interested in — or to create and manage your own tailored customer community.

Yabble offers easy-to-use tools that put the power of connection and communication in the palm of your hand.

Get regular feedback from your customers using Yabble’s simple, intuitive Audience tools

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Create a unique customer community to run an always-on, two-way conversation with your audience. Ideate and co-create with the people who matter most.

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Access an audience segment from Yabble’s global marketplace of more than 60 million consumers. Just set your criteria, and away you go.

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CSV imports

Quickly and easily upload your own custom database. Leverage our simple, intuitive survey tools to garner vital feedback and glean actionable insights.

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API feeds

Connect your CRM and data systems using Yabble’s secure APIs. Send and return data with ease and at speed, ensuring you get the most from your Yabble insights.

Connect with 60 million consumers

Yabble links you to a global network of more than 60 million consumers, ensuring you can access any insights audience with the click of a button.



Create customizable surveys

From one-off surveys to customer communities to triggered voice-of-customer programs, Yabble has everything you need to master all your research needs.

Audiences FAQs

What is MyPanel?

How do I find out more about MyPanel?

Which countries can I find audiences in?

Can I reach business or niche audiences?

How much data can I upload via CSV?

Connect with Audiences today

Connect and communicate with your customers, and get the feedback you need to improve, innovate, and grow.

Get started with Yabble Audiences now.