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Make insights effortless.

Yabble is AI for insights.

Yabble creates instant insights so you can take instant action. From the world’s first ChatGPT plugin to a suite of tools that count, summarize and chat with your data. Secure, automated AI solutions for every stage of research – Yabble is the leading AI solution for insights.

Supercharge your insights. Yabble it. 

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Better technology for richer insights

When we say our AI-powered insights tools are unique, we mean it.

Yabble uses a combination of our own custom-built algorithms and OpenAI’s world-class GPT neural network to generate fully automated and accurate insights from unstructured text data effortlessly.

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With the power of Yabble AI, teams are now able to:

  • Access insights in minutes
  • Move innovation pipelines forward at record speed
  • Create meaningful themes and subthemes from data in seconds
  • Validate multiple hypotheses in real time
  • Explore variations on ideas in a protected data environment
  • Free up the best and brightest minds for final analysis and thought leadership
  • Gain a competitive advantage
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Accelerate your speed to insight and unlock business growth with Yabble 

Learn more about Yabble's key products ⁠— Count, Gen, Summarize and Augmented Data ⁠— and dive into the rest of the features at your disposal, from intuitive survey tools to a global audience of more than 60 million consumers. 

Unlock the value in your unstructured data with Count.

100% automated - Yabble Count turns your data into actionable insights at the click of a button and helps you immediately identify your key drivers for business growth.

Import your product reviews, social media comments, call center transcripts, live chat conversations, survey responses & more safely and securely into the Yabble platform to:

  • Understand your customers’ mindset
  • Identify your business drivers
  • Discover emerging trends 
Learn more about Count

Meet Gen. Your ultimate AI research assistant.

No more waiting for insights – with Gen rich insights are just a question away.

With Gen you can ask your data unlimited questions. Focus on a particular topic, drill down to key behaviors or explore your data holistically.

Gen can help you:

  • Rethink how you create insights
  • Have the freedom to explore your datasets
  • Be confident your data is secure 
Learn more about Gen

Get detailed insight summaries effortlessly in minutes with Summarize.

Meet Summarize: an insights market game changer! Forget painstakingly reading through transcripts, sifting through notes, and inefficiently collaborating with teams. Get detailed summaries of your long formdata effortlessly in minutes.

With Summarize, you can unlock:

  • Accurate, in-depth summaries
  • Reduced speed to insight
  • Improved productivity
  • Seamless collaboration 
Learn more about Summarize

The impossible is now possible with Yabble’s Augmented Data.

Any question to insight, in minutes. Yabble’s augmented data allows you to quickly and easily access quality data to answer any research question.

Yabble's Augmented Data:

  • Is infinitely knowledgeable
  • Has virtual audiences that stay with you
  • Helps you drive your insights conversation
Learn more about Augmented Data

Ready to supercharge your insights?

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"For the first time, we were able to gather real-time data at a smaller activation cost effectively and provide valuable feedback for future activation."

Senior Manager, Consumer & Shopper Insights
Carlton United Breweries

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"To be able to give back to Kiwis and make sure our most vulnerable had access to their grocery essentials was a huge privilege for all the team at Foodstuffs. By partnering with Yabble, we were able to read and anticipate customer concerns and shopping behaviors and provide actionable insights for all our store owners across New Zealand, so they in turn could support their communities in the best way possible."

General Manager Marketing & CX Strategy
Foodstuffs Group

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"Putting our customers’ needs at the heart of our innovation is crucial. Our Sky Nation Customer Community run using Yabble’s tools is one of our greatest assets for rich conversations and ideation."

Head of Marketing Strategy, CX & Data Insights
Sky NZ

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“The Yabble platform turns what’s usually quite a cumbersome, costly, time-intensive process into something quick, easy, and cost-effective — meaning we can actually perform market research more regularly and get more from our data.”

Nick Cook, General Manager of Marketing
Mad Mex

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