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Less processing time, more thinking with Summarize from Yabble

Yabble July 4, 2023

We’ve yet to meet an insights team that didn’t wish they had more time.

Imagine if you could free up your ​mind and capacity ​by minimizing the manual data-crunching associated with processing long-form data – creating bandwidth to focus on strategic, value-adding activities.

Now you can…with Summarize, our world-leading AI powered summary tool that’s generated a paradigm shift in the way we analyze long-form data like interviews, podcasts, and sales calls. Thanks to Yabble Summarize, the days of painstakingly reading through transcripts, sifting through notes, and inefficiently collaborating with teams are over. 

There is no other AI summary tool available that can:

  • Speak a researcher’s language
  • Save you unprecedented amounts of time
  • Keep your internal and external clients happy with speedy updates
  • Provide an executive summary and highlight key data points

If you haven’t had a chance to use Summarize yet, we’ve ​also ​added a few new features that make this tool standout.

Summaries that make the research process effortless

Our fully automated AI technology makes manual reading and note-taking a thing of the past. Summarize automates the time consuming, data-crunching portion of your analysis– so you can focus on thinking, activating, and delivering quality outcomes. Just imagine what you could do with those hours saved!  

Accurate, in-depth summaries at unprecedented speeds.


Summarize can analyze a 10-to-15-page transcript in roughly 40 to 60 seconds — and you can upload as many .docx or .txt files at one time as you’d like.  ​Once uploaded​, Summarize​ will​ analyze​s​ your uploaded files​ and​​,​ you’ll receive rich, accurate summaries and overall summary of the key points and insights within your data​ in minutes​. 

“The final product took about 3 hours instead of 30”

“I used the Summarize product to analyze about 10 executive interviews. I usually plan between 2-3 hours per interview for the analysis and report writing. The entire process using Yabble took 15 minutes (uploading and analysis). When I checked the quality versus what I would have written - the were no exclusions or inclusions that shouldn't have been. The final product I delivered to the client took about 3 hours instead of 30.”

​​​Gregg Archibald 
Managing Partner, Gen2 Advisors

Supercharge your qualitative analysis process

Summarize enables you to efficiently download the key findings from your data and fast-track your speed to insight. Designed to supercharge your qualitative analysis process, Summarize processes your long-form data, generating actionable summaries at both an overall and per-transcript level.  

Finally…summaries produced the way researchers think.


You know the value of a high-quality Executive Summary and the effort required to create it. And we know that the precision of your summaries is critical to making insightful business decisions.  So Yabble designed Summarize to ensure your results are accurate while covering the breadth of information contained in your data.  

The Summarize output is a gamechanger, created in a format you are very familiar with and makes sense: key findings, challenges, opportunities and an overall ​summary​​​. This data snapshot is perfect for sharing with clients or across teams for seamless collaboration. Summarize even generates an ​overall​​ ​summary which can be quickly copied into your collaborative channels for discussion and review.

Excited about a key datapoint? Highlight it!

Particularly excited about a piece of data? Reviewing and finding key points is also effortless with Summarize. Our new highlighter tool allows you to highlight key parts of your summary so you can quickly and easily find actionable insights to share with the team.  No more searching for a needle in a haystack.  Just highlight it.

So let AI supercharge your human intelligence. It’s that easy.

Yabble it …with Summarize.

Want to see Summarize in action? ​Book a demo with the Yabble team today to see how you can begin to leverage AI insights in your business.