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Big News from IIeX: Generative AI for Every Stage of the Research Process

Yabble May 31, 2023
Big News from IIeX: Generative AI for Every Stage of the Research Process

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and at the IIeX North America 2023 conference held in Austin, the impact of game-changing technology in AI for the insights industry was larger than ever! With a record number of industry visionaries and brand leaders in attendance, the event gave us a platform for showcasing what the Yabble team has been creating to change the future of market research and consumer insights.  


Driving Business Intelligence with Minimal Obstacles

Business is speeding up - not slowing down. Decision-makers were clearer than ever that they needed meaningful, real-time business intelligence. Our Yabble team continues to build tools to empower forward-thinking executives at cutting-edge companies to gain a competitive advantage by harnessing the power of AI-driven insights. When we say “increased speed to insights” we don’t mean cutting weeks down to days - we mean cutting days down to minutes. Corporate researchers who tested our tools for themselves at the booth were floored by how quickly compelling market data and performance metrics were gleaned by using existing and augmented data. 

Letting insights teams see this groundbreaking technology for themselves was the most rewarding part of the conference. With speeds up to 1000% faster than the human brain, massive amounts of data can be synthesized for powerfully informed decision-making. And with the ease of use of the Yabble tools all of the traditional barriers to meaningful insights are removed. 

 Big News from IIeX: Generative AI for Every Stage of the Research Process

Unlocking New Perspectives and Driving Innovation Forward

In a rapidly evolving business environment, staying ahead of the competition requires an open mind and the ability to adapt. GreenBook’s IIeX conference is known for attracting forward-thinking companies looking for new tools to leverage the most cutting-edge use of artificial intelligence for business growth. Kathryn Topp, our Founder and CEO had the pleasure of presenting with Charlie Rader from Procter & Gamble about their innovative approach using Yabble tools to speed up insights learnings across their global footprint. 


Big News from IIeX: Generative AI for Every Stage of the Research Process

ChatGPT was on everyone’s lips

Which meant when we announced the launch of our groundbreaking plugin in the ChatGPT plugin store, it was big news. It’s the first of its kind using augmented data to create insights instantly. Combining the power of ChatGPT with the proprietary smarts in the Yabble plugin to provide highly relevant and recent data on any topic. It changes the way early stage research is conducted. Simply decide your topic and Yabble it! 

We were delighted to showcase to so many attendees how Yabble uses Generative AI across every stage of the research process creating tremendous business impact and ROI. Many people we spoke to loved the time saving from Yabble’s solutions, giving them time back to free their minds for more critical thinking. Overall we loved that brands are adopting AI solutions at a rapid pace to give themselves a competitive advantage. The progression, the innovation and the excitement across the conference was real.


Until next year, y’all!