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New AI Market Insights Report & Enhanced Yabble Virtual Audiences

Yabble June 25, 2024

At Yabble, we are constantly striving to enhance our products to provide you with the best tools for your market research needs. We are excited to introduce the latest updates to our Virtual Audiences product, designed to give you more flexibility, better insights, and higher-quality results.

Take a look at the new Virtual Audiences:


Video: Full walk-through of Virtual Audiences updates

New Market Insights Report Feature 

With our new market insights report feature, you can choose whether to start with just a market insight report or go ahead and create a full Virtual Audience.


Video: Preview of the new and improved Market Insights and Market Trends features

If you decide to start with the market insights report, you also have the flexibility to proceed with a Virtual Audience from there. This flexibility allows you to approach your research in a way that best suits your goals, whether you need a quick overview of market trends or a deep dive into audience insights for your topic.



Video: Preview of the Market Insights only option for Virtual Audiences

The market insights report includes general insights into the market relevant to your topic, as well as a leading indicators summary, all with sources to showcase market trends to look out for. This report serves as a solid starting point to uncover some general insights about your target market before really diving into specific insights for your audience related to your topic in the full Virtual Audiences project.



Video: Preview of the new and improved export function

Enhanced User Experience 

Our new and improved UX offers you greater flexibility in the generation and approval process for your questions and personas.


Video: Walk-through of the new user experience for Virtual Audiences

This update allows you to customize your AI-generated personas and questions more efficiently, ensuring that you get the most relevant insights for your specific needs. The intuitive design makes it easier than ever to navigate and refine your AI-generated insights process, and you can now edit your personas and questions before confirming to proceed with insights generation.


Video: Walk-through of the new Virtual Audiences set-up user experience

Additionally, we have further refined and simplified the augmented data insights creation journey, so it’s more intuitive for you and your team to go from research question to insight in minutes. 

Updated Yabble Models 

We’ve updated our Yabble models to incorporate the most recent and powerful AI models available.


Video: Preview of the new and improved persona chat

This ensures that you receive the highest quality results, providing you with more accurate and insightful data to inform your decisions. The information being pulled into the knowledge lake for your topic is now even more relevant, recent, and valuable, ensuring that the insights and leading indicators uncovered are comprehensive and useful for making business decisions. 

Why These Updates Matter 

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the best possible tools for your market research. By enhancing the user experience, adding new features, and upgrading our models, we aim to help you unlock deeper market insights and make more informed decisions. 

Thank you for being a valued member of the Yabble community. We invite you to explore these new features and see how they can transform your approach to market research – schedule a demo with our team today.