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Yabble launches groundbreaking new Chat GPT Plugin

Rachel O'Shea May 22, 2023
Yabble Chat GPT plugin


Yabble Launches groundbreaking plugin on ChatGPT Plugin Store, a first in the industry. 


Yabble, is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative AI plugin on the ChatGPT plugin store. This marks a significant milestone as Yabble becomes the first company to introduce an end-to-end research solution on the platform, setting a new standard for the insights industry. 


With Yabble's new ChatGPT plugin, anyone can now transform the time-consuming process of data collection and analysis. Turning what typically took days or even weeks, into an instantaneous experience. This development represents a watershed moment in the field of market research, where the long-desired goal of instant insights is now a reality. 


The Yabble ChatGPT Plugin works by using the combined knowledge of ChatGPT, social media and global trend data to create a unique AI-generated audience to answer research questions in minutes. This approach using augmented data allows Yabble to deliver insights with high degrees of relevancy and recency.  


Yabble CEO, Kathryn Topp explains “The power of Generative AI is changing our industry immeasurably every day.  Through the reach of Yabble’s ChatGPT Plugin a whole new generation of users can unlock insights with incredible ease and speed making data driven decision making a reality for every one on every project.  The Yabble team have always been fearless innovators and I’m very proud that we’ve created another revolution in the world of insights. The Plugin truly is a game changer for the insights industry. We’re excited to see how this democratizes and shifts people’s approach to insights 


Early alpha users have already asked Yabble to innovative new categories, flavours and experiences. They’ve ditched laborious desktop research and have simply started to Yabble it.     


The ChatGPT plugin is the latest in a string of successful innovations from Yabble seeking to deliver outstanding AI driven insights solutions for globally and locally renown brands.