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Why do you need AI in your insights program? A quick rundown of 3 key benefits

Yabble July 12, 2022

Few areas and industries are immune to the influence and impact of AI — and insights is no exception. Until recently, running an effective insights program has been nearly impossible for many businesses, with the outsized demand on time, money, and resources limiting who was able to implement ongoing data analysis and insights generation into their operations.

But as AI democratizes the research and insights space, it’s now possible for businesses and teams of all sizes to reap the benefits of AI-powered insights generation. We discuss three of these revolutionary benefits below.

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Generating insights from unstructured text data has traditionally required enormous amounts of manual effort on the part of researchers and insights specialists. Aggregating the data (often from multiple sources, like product reviews, social media comments, and call center transcripts), analyzing the data for common themes and overall sentiment, and pulling that analysis together into insights you can actually use to drive change — that’s thousands of hours of work and a considerable investment each quarter and financial year.

The right AI-powered insights tools automate this process by removing the need for manual coding and theming, meaning experts and businesses can spend those thousands of saved hours focusing on the actual outputs of the insights and how best to leverage and action them within their unique organizations.

At Yabble, saving our customers time and driving efficiency are foundational to our AI-powered insights tools. As Mad Mex General Manager of Marketing Nick Cook says, “The Yabble platform turns what’s usually quite a cumbersome, costly, time-intensive process into something quick, easy, and cost-effective — meaning we can actually perform market research more regularly and get more from our data.”

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Part of the problem with manual analysis and insights generation is that it’s nearly impossible to get maximum value from your data; simply put, it’s inefficient and costly to investigate all the data from multiple angles, which means businesses often miss potentially lucrative opportunities because they’re unaware they exist.

AI, however, is what you might call omniscient here; because the neural networks (the foundational building blocks for generating AI-powered insights) leveraged by industry-leading insights tools are so large and powerful, they can aggregate vast amounts of unstructured text data from whatever source you need — and then analyze this data quickly, easily, and comprehensively.

This means that no corner of your data goes unmined. Instead, every possible perspective is illuminated, giving businesses a deep and detailed understanding of their audiences and operations — a level of knowledge and insight that manual analysis just can’t compete with.

The catch here, of course, is that AI on its own can’t produce these rich results. What you need is a tool that pairs the power of AI with unique smarts — something like Hey Yabble, which is specifically designed to help customers get as much information as possible from whatever datasets they have, whether they’re quantitative, qualitative, longitudinal projects, or even one-off projects.

“The responses to open-text questions have always held significant value for our research and insights projects, but before Hey Yabble it was hard to make the most of the insight in the comments,” says Megan Walker, Research and Insights Lead at Contact Energy. “Hey Yabble has allowed us to unlock the value in this data and has exceeded our expectations; in a matter of minutes, it identifies and counts the themes as well as providing sample comments. So this not only saves me time and money, but the counting function improves the quality and reliability of insights I can provide to the business.”

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With the right combination of neural network and custom-built prompts, AI-powered insights tools are remarkably accurate right from the outset. This accuracy enables businesses to feel certainty and peace of mind about the analyses these tools perform and the insights they generate, in turn allowing stakeholders to make business decisions with confidence.

The ability to validate business strategy with substantiated data and insights is arguably the most valuable advantage an AI-powered tool can offer. If you’ve got hard data and accurate insights that definitively align to and legitimize your strategic direction, you can make every decision with an eye toward customer satisfaction and business growth.

By leveraging the power of AI in your insights program, it’s no longer cost-prohibitive or resource-intensive to perform the research that will drive your business forward.





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