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Quick tips to easily leverage AI for your insights

Yabble July 24, 2023

If you’re not already leveraging AI for insights generation and analysis, you’re not just missing a trick - you’re going to get left behind. With the continued acceleration of AI to support and speed up the insights process it’s time for insight creators to jump on board and embrace how AI can transform the way you work.

From removing the manual work of the coding process to being able to dive deeper and ‘Q&A’ your data – the right AI insights tools are here to save you time, unlock fresh new insights and free you up to add the human intelligence.

Read on for Yabble’s quick fire, top tips for maximising the potential of AI insights for you and your teams...

Yabble tip #1 - start thinking about AI as your insights ally

AI is not here to make the job of the researcher obsolete. AI used effectively can make insight creators even more productive and enable them to extract even greater value from their data. With AI, it’s now a case of how quickly you want your insights! For example Yabble tools are 1000X faster at theming and coding your data so the reality is with AI is that you can have insights in minutes not days.

Today’s AI and the AI innovation you’ll be seeing in the near future is helping to alleviate the pain points of traditional research while complementing and respecting traditional methodologies. Who doesn’t want more time back in your day to add the human intelligence!  

Things to consider:

When you start to weigh up different AI solutions, you want to look for solutions that are specifically trained for insights generation by market researchers. At Yabble our insights solutions are built on 10’s of 1000’s of hours of R&D experience in the market research industry so the outputs from the Yabble products delivers exactly what insights creators need – making Yabble a true AI insights ally.

Yabble tip #2 – get clear on your insights needs and what data you have available

Here at Yabble, we recommend conducting a data audit to help illuminate where AI insights could create the most value for you. A data audit will quickly show you where you could be be leveraging AI for insights creation or analysis or a combination of them both.

Key questions to ask yourself and your teams:

  1. Do you know what types of data or sources of data you have available to you today?
  2. What are your insights needs?  
  3. Do you need help uncovering insights from existing data or do you need to create fresh to quickly plug an insights gap?

If you answered no to question 1, start mapping out your data sources factoring in all types of unstructured data e.g. survey feedback, social media comments, product reviews or interview  transcripts. Don’t  curtail your list based on your current ability to extract valuable insights from these sources – AI makes insights generation from these sources a breeze.

If you answered the above and realized, you needed to create new data to plug a gap then augmented data might be the AI solution for you. See top tip #3 for help with this!  

Yabble tip #3 – Consider AI across the whole research journey

Whether you’re sitting on mountains of unstructured qualitative data voice files, video files or text files, masses of customer feedback from surveys or actually lacking the right data to answer your question, AI can assist you. AI is no longer constrained to just analysis – it  can now be leveraged for data creation, analysis and storytelling.

Do you need more data?  

If you are in need of more data or need to get your hands on data quickly to test hypotheses you’re going to want to see how you could leverage Yabble’s augmented data. Yabble’s Augmented data utilizes a foundation of ChatGPT’s extensive knowledge and augments this with social media conversations and trend data to create relevant survey questions and a a virtual audience that can answer these questions in minutes. This allows you to quickly, and cost effectively get access to quality insights instantly. Time, resources and expertise are no longer a barrier, so the data creation possibilities are endless.  

Or do you have the data but don’t know where to get the insights?

If you have a tonne of data but don’t know where to begin or how to extract the right insights from it, AI tools can rapidly help you with this. Employ an AI Research Assistant like Yabble Gen. Yabble Gen can help you unlock insights from your data by just asking questions of it. For example, if you want to understand the reasons behind a certain NPS score you can get to all corners of your data by asking Gen an initial question then follow up further questions until you have uncover all the hidden insights. This can then help you decide which AI tools you want to use next. Theming, summarizing and questioning your data can now all happen at the click of a button and it’s as simple as importing a csv file.

Yabble tip #4 – It’s quicker than you think to get started

There’s a misconception that using AI requires a significant amount of your time to set up and train. However, with many of the AI insights tools now built on large language models with all the context and understanding from those language models built into these AI tools, you don't need to provide any training data. With the Yabble platform you can upload a survey or transcript today and be generating and exploring your insights in minutes.

“This is exactly how the Yabble system works. We’ve spent tens of thousands of hours training the engines to understand insight analysis and what researchers are looking for in their data.  Yabble engines understand what a concept test is and also the types of analysis that researchers are looking for”

Kathryn Topp
Founder and CEO, Yabble


Yabble tip #5 – Understanding the topline is great but the magic is in delving deeper into your data

When it comes to insights it’s great to understand the topline but it’s now easier than ever to delve deeper into your data with AI. Even better, the evolution of chat style products has transformed the way you can interact with your data. If you are wanting to dig into an insight a little bit deeper or test a hypothesis, tools such as Yabble Gen are exactly what you need. Gen is designed to be your ultimate research assistant - a little bit like a ChatGPT for your own data. No longer be constrained by the thought of re-running your research projects or having to field new surveys with products such as Gen you can question your data from as many different angles as you need.

Yabble Tip #6 – Get to grips with the basics AI data security

When considering AI insights tools, it’s key to know what to look out for when it comes to data security. One of the key questions to ask AI providers is how are you able to wall off proprietary data? This is key to ensure your proprietary data is always walled off, confidential and will not be used to train models large language models such as ChatGPT.

Yabble has an enterprise agreement in place with Open AI, owners of ChatGPT. by. We have negotiated with OpenAI to ensure that any data run through the Yabble platform is done via API. OpenAI does not use data submitted by Yabble customers via our API to train OpenAI models or improve OpenAI’s service offering. The data that is imported into Yabble is stored with Yabble not OpenAI and does not become public.  So, when you use Yabble, you are getting  the benefits of OpenAI’s Large Language Models in a fully secured environment.


So, what are you waiting for? Leveraging AI insights is now quicker and more insightful than ever. If this has given you food for thought and you want to see how you and your teams could leverage AI for insights, get in touch today to book a demo with one of the Yabble team.  

Yabble is AI for insights.

Yabble it.