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Meet Summarize: an insights market first

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest AI-powered tool: Summarize.

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Yabble Co-Founder Kathryn Topp talks the changing nature of the insights industry — and what you can do to meet the challenge

November 14 and 15 saw our Co-Founders Kathryn Topp and Rachel O’Shea join our US team on the ground in San Antonio, Texas for the 2022 TMRE Conference.

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The big data problem: using AI to manage and leverage it for insights success

Big data has been a buzzword for so long that it’s almost lost its meaning; for many of us, it’s a term we casually throw around without understanding its full definition or the..

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5 big tech trends making waves for researchers

One of the key benefits of technology is its capacity for making once mundane or labor-intensive tasks faster and easier to perform— and research is no exception. Revolutionizing..

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Predicting the unpredictable: using AI to understand and analyze human behavior

Human behavior is uniquely complex. Psychological, emotional, and often inexplicable, it’s difficult to analyze and occasionally impossible to predict. Behavior differs from group..

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The Yabble factor

In the world of business, there’s only one thing worth more than money — and that’s data. It’s by far the most valuable currency we have, and the vast majority of it is..

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AI 101: a glossary

We throw around terms like “deep learning” and “neural network” quite a bit in the world of AI — but what do they really mean?

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Why do you need AI in your insights program? A quick rundown of 3 key benefits

Few areas and industries are immune to the influence and impact of AI — and insights is no exception. Until recently, running an effective insights program has been nearly..

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Accelerating growth and innovation through AI-powered insights: 4 practical tips

We talk a lot in business about data being king. Integral to everything from performance tracking to strategy creation to customer experience, it even outranks money on the..

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