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Augmented Data: How and Why Now?

Yabble September 24, 2023

Researchers love knowledge.  

And in a perfect world scenario, they would have fast and unlimited access to the answers they seek. Up until recently, this was simply not possible. Staying on the pulse of your brand was limited by time, cost, and access to traditional research like surveys or focus groups, transactional data, traditional social media insights, and sentiment analysis.   

So Why Now?  

In the past computer-generated answers were the enemy. But circumstances are different. The conditions are different. 

  1. We’ve never had large language models before 
  2. We’ve never had the ability to augment the base knowledge of a large language model with recent and specific data before
  3. And we’ve never had the sophistication of prompt engineering at its current level

Which is why it was the perfect time to create a new tool to help researchers and insights creators.  

What is Augmented Data? 

Augmented Data is the layering of knowledge from multiple diverse sources. Instead of depending solely on surveys or human participants, generative AI acts as a stand-in for human feedback pulling data from multiple sources, synthesizing this data together and using it to create large lakes of knowledge. This innovative method paves the way for deeper insights and expands the range of possible questions. Our goal at Yabble is to deliver outstanding AI driven insights solutions. And our proprietary Augmented Data model is the latest in a string of successful innovations. 

Yabble’s Augmented Data model involves a comprehensive process of gathering relevant and timely information based on a user's topic of interest, and synthesizing it into a lake of knowledge, from which insights can be mined. Our data sources are meticulously chosen and include a blend of proprietary databases, academic repositories, and real-time web search data. We also utilize advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze social media trends and discussions, thereby gaining insights into the current sentiment and discourse surrounding the user's topic. 

This amalgamation of data is then used to generate personas, devise pertinent questions and answers, and summarize key insights relative to the user's topic of interest. This allows us to create a rich, multi-dimensional perspective of the user's topic, and generate precise answers to their queries.  

The Yabble ChatGPT Plugin: Powered by Augmented Data 

The Yabble ChatGPT plugin is one of our offerings which leverages our Augmented Data model. The Yabble ChatGPT plugin uses Yabble’s proprietary augmented data model to answer user’s questions in real time. It works by taking the users query or topic, turning it into a set of survey questions and using augmented data to answer these questions. 


Users can then come into the Yabble platform to mine the data using Yabble’s generative AI tools.  

The benefit of using the Yabble ChatGPT plugin over the standard ChatGPT is that the augmented data model provides more recent and specific information.   

The Yabble ChatGPT plugin is available to all users of ChatGPT plus and can be found by searching for Yabble in the plugin store.  

Yabble’s Virtual Audiences: Powered by Augmented Data 

The next iteration of this is Yabble’s Virtual Audiences tool – currently in private beta.  

Virtual Audiences uses a more advanced version of the Yabble’s proprietary augmented data model, to deliver representative persona groups which can be interacted with by the user.  

These personas are dynamic based on a user's topic and have a deep knowledge and understanding of the topic the user has asked about. What’s more, you can create your own custom version of Yabble’s Virtual Audiences by adding additional proprietary data on top of the Yabble base model.  

Click here to learn more about Yabble’s Virtual Audiences. 

Looking ahead 

As AI for insights becomes more accepted and adopted, we see AI generated data becoming more important, relevant and frequent in the industry’s future. Augmented Data provides a wonderful baseline understanding of the market, consumer sentiment and trends. It’s a great tool for hypothesis testing, an exploration of where to go next with your research, to gain competitive analysis understanding and to uncover the differences across markets. 

Virtual Audiences, powered by Augmented Data, allows you to go one step further and interact with virtual version of consumers in your market.  While there will always be a place for traditional research methods, and human fieldwork, augmented data supports and complement traditional approaches, to empower the researcher to uncover richer insights faster than ever before. 

Validation, Trust, and Security 

Virtual Audiences and Augmented Data are not right for all parts of research.  Like with all new, cutting-edge methodologies, Augmented Data is in a full validation stage so that you can understand how it compares to your current data and why it can be trusted.  

At Yabble, we have an unwavering commitment to ensure the safety, integrity, and confidentiality of your data. We prioritize security to ensure your valuable data is protected. Our comprehensive and multi-layered security measures have been meticulously implemented to provide a robust and secure environment for your information.  

Augmented data is a beautiful blend of knowledge and technology.  It’s a fantastic complement to current traditional research methodologies and will allow researchers to get so much ‘more’ from their data. More insights, more time back, more direction. If you’re interested in exploring how Virtual Audiences, powered by Augmented Data, could revolutionize your insights, join the waitlist for our Virtual Audiences tool today.