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Meet Gen the ultimate research assistant

Yabble July 19, 2023

Chat, explore and get to all corners of your data with Gen – unlocking richer insights is just a question away!

AI has transformed the way researchers and those needing insights work, and it is only just getting started! The next generation of AI for insights is here, and Yabble Gen is leading the charge. Long gone are the days of unsophisticated Chat Bots that, let’s be honest, were more hassle than they were worth. This next generation of ‘assistant’ style insights tools is sophisticated, insightful and explores your data holistically allowing you to drill down on particular topics with ease and accuracy. Gen really is an insights game changer.

If you’re wanting to...

  • Uncover hidden insights in your data
  • Get to all corners of your data effortlessly and quickly
  • Remove the need to run cross tabs or read transcripts
  • Generate insights from any type of data
  • Have complete data security peace of mind  

Then read on to learn more about Gen.

"I just showed Gen to a colleague in our design team and he loves it. I’ve been using Gen and finding it super helpful to summarize the data.”
Yabble Customer, Large Energy Company 

So what is Gen exactly?

Gen is an AI Research Assistant that allows you to have a conversation with your own data in a similar way to how you use ChatGPT’s technology – all within Yabble’s secure, walled garden data environment. Gen uses a natural language model which means you can ask your data all types of questions and Gen will be able to answer your question instantly and conversationally. While ChatGPT is asking questions of the internet up to 2021, Gen allows you to ask questions on your own proprietary dataset – whatever topic that might be. Once your dataset is uploaded into the Yabble platform you can prompt Gen to query your dataset and provide high level insights or dive deeper to explore your data holistically – all with data security peace of mind.

How do I use Gen?

Simply login to the Yabble platform, type a question related to your dataset, and Gen will do all the work for you. Continue to chat with Gen by asking follow-up questions to really dive deeper into your data and unlock your data’s hidden insights.

You can specify which particular part of your project your question relates to get really specific on a certain topic or ask more general questions by selecting ‘All Questions’ in your dataset. Gen even lets you see the exact comments that relate to any insight that it generates for you giving you reassurance over the accuracy of the answers.

When should I use Gen?

You can use Gen on any type of data (big or small) that has free-text comments and natural spoken language to rapidly uncover insights and form recommendations. Gen is unlike anything you have used before to gain insights into your data. If you’re on a tight deadline to deliver a report and just need to ‘get it done now’, Gen will help you deliver insights in minutes. View Gen as an extra analytics resource that takes all the manual work out of mining your data and delivers you your insights instantly, accurately and in natural language format allowing you to dip in and out of your data as when you need fresh insights. You could even use Gen in real time in meetings to share instant insights with key stakeholders!

What data works best for Gen?

Gen was built for research – to help you analyze comments from customer surveys, qualitative interviews (including raw transcript), social media data and online discussion panels. While Gen’s roots are in research, the future possibilities for the data that Gen can analyze are endless. These traditional data sources all work great with Gen, but also consider new data sources, such as sales call, podcast and presentation transcripts. 

How does Gen create such accurate results?

Gen uses a combination of OpenAI’s groundbreaking GPT models combined with the best research brains in the industry to train it. Research is the backbone of the Yabble business and with 1000’s of research and development hours behind our products, we truly understand the need to be obsessed with accuracy.   Yabble Gen only generates insights from the data you upload or link, meaning it doesn’t hallucinate and you can rely on it to provide you with accurate insights across all projects and data types.

Gen is able to give you natural language answers to your questions, giving you a more informed and nuanced answer to your question. Its ability to draw insights from your raw transcripts and data adds a layer of sophistication to the answers that Gen provides and helps you question the ‘why’ behind your data insights. 

How can I use Gen with other Yabble tools?

Gen works great in combination with other Yabble tools. If you have quantitative or qualitative data use tools, such as, Count or Summarize to identify macro patterns in your data and then use Gen to really dig right into the insights. Let Count analyze your unstructured data for themes, sub-themes, sentiment, and trends — and then dive into the "why" behind those themes using Gen. Use Summarize to generate an in-depth summary of your interview transcripts, and then ask further questions of your summarization in Gen to form richer insights for your reports.

Gen allows you to dig into the nuances in your data and further develop your insights and business recommendations. 

Unlock the power of Yabble Gen
Yabble Gen is available to all customers on a bundle or subscription package. Ask unlimited questions of your data. Want to find out how Gen could work for your insights? Book a demo today.