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The Yabble factor

Yabble August 14, 2022

In the world of business, there’s only one thing worth more than money — and that’s data. It’s by far the most valuable currency we have, and the vast majority of it is unstructured; in fact, sources estimate the actual number to be around 80 to 90%.

So if data’s worth more than money and most of the data we have is unstructured — things like call center transcripts, social media comments, and product reviews that are difficult to quantify and don’t have a predefined structure like, say, numerical data — then tools that can quickly and accurately analyze this type of data are, well, equally valuable. In other words, they’re fast becoming the competitive advantage businesses are looking for.

That’s what we’ve built here at Yabble. We’re naturally quite proud of it, but what exactly makes us unique? Why should anyone become a Yabble customer, and how can we help your business reach its full potential?

We call the answer to these questions the “Yabble factor.” Let’s dive in.

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From the beginning, Yabble has leveraged the real-world experience of specialists in the research and insights industry.

Back in 2017, our Co-Founder Kathryn Topp — who’s spent more than 20 years in market research at the world’s leading insights houses and brands — identified a gap in the market for a platform-based product that enabled brands to work collaboratively with their customers.

That realization birthed the Thinking Studio, a strategic insights agency that soon evolved into Yabble, after Kathryn brought globally experienced marketer and long-time friend Rachel O’Shea aboard as Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer.

Kathryn and Rachel had a global vision for Yabble from the start; guided by Kathryn’s depth of experience and keen understanding of the complexities and pain points of insights work, they set about growing a team of experts and building a platform that offered solutions to very real problems for researchers.

Since then, Yabble has grown into an industry-leading technological innovator, powered by AI products like Hey Yabble that are revolutionizing how businesses approach insights.

Our products are fed into by a passionate team of insights specialists who know exactly what problems they’re solving and built by a team of leading AI experts, product designers, and engineers. The result is an intuitive platform that’s uniquely attuned to our customers’ needs: delivering profitable insights faster and more cost-efficiently and freeing up researchers to action those insights on a strategic level.
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The key to Yabble’s incredible products and benefits is our unique technology.
No other company offers what we offer because they can’t; they don’t have our algorithms, and they don’t know how they work.

“Our primary USP is in Hey Yabble Query,” says Yabble Head of Product Ben Roe. “There’s nothing out there that comes close. Our ability to generate human-like insights from corpus data and to do so without any taxonomy [classification] or manual input just isn’t something the rest of the industry can match.”

Part of this means we can’t divulge exactly how our technology works.

In a simple sense, though, we’ve designed and built algorithms that use advanced AI techniques (including machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, understanding, and generation (NLP, NLU, and NLG)) to specifically solve the problem of how to quickly and accurately generate rich insights from unstructured text data.

We lay these algorithms atop OpenAI’s cutting-edge GPT-3 neural network, and the resulting interactions form the basis of the Yabble platform. Our algorithms are designed to optimize accuracy and to generate that accuracy at speed; GPT-3 underpins the product, but it can’t function the way it does with any algorithms other than Yabble’s.
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Unlike other insights generation tools on the market, Yabble’s offering is fully automated. This was a goal right from the start, since heavy manual analysis has long been a staple of the researcher’s job.

Our algorithms enable this automation and have saved our customers more than 42,400 hours of manual work to date. No more hours spent arduously coding and theming pages of unstructured data: now, our customers can let the Yabble platform shoulder the analysis and instead spend more time on big-ticket items like business strategy.

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Whatever your role in a business — whether you’re the owner, an insights specialist, or part of the marketing team — chances are high that you’re sitting on loads of unmined unstructured data that’s often far too expensive or time-consuming to tackle. But imagine if you could analyze that data efficiently; it’d only be a short leap to monetizing it based on the critical customer insights you generate.

The Yabble platform takes data that would normally require days or weeks of human effort and coding and turns it into actionable, profitable insights within a matter of hours to days.

We use automation to streamline efficiencies so that our customers’ time can be better spent on what matters: activating their insights for business success.

If you’re interested in experiencing the Yabble factor for yourself, tap the button below to book a demo. We’ll take you through the platform and give you a personalized look at how it can solve whatever insights pain points your particular business has.

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