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Doug Guion joins Yabble as Global Growth Officer

Rachel O'Shea April 25, 2023
Doug Guion


When you work with Generative AI, the hottest ticket in research right now, you need exceptionally talented team members to execute and scale at pace.

We're delighted to welcome Doug Guion to the newly created role of Chief Growth Officer here at Yabble. Doug brings exceptional business leadership and domain expertise having spent 25+ years in growing and scaling both market research and software businesses globally.


Our CEO Kathryn describes one of the company’s top priorities as expanding on the leadership position Yabble has taken in Generative AI for the market research industry:

“With over 3 years' experience of working with Open AI and GPT models for almost 3 years, we know that Yabble’s proprietary technology and fearless focus on product innovation make us one of the most exciting companies in our industry.   We’re delighted to have someone of Doug’s calibre, expertise and energy to take the business forward on our next stage of growth”.


Doug’s experience spans multiple geographies and sectors within the market research industry, all of them unified by their focus on innovation through technology.  When we asked Doug what got him excited bout Yabble here's what he told us:

 “As someone who is passionate about technology and its potential to transform our world, I am thrilled to be joining Yabble and I cannot express how excited I am to be a part of this incredible team! Yabble is at the forefront of a new era in data analytics, where AI is unlocking possibilities for individuals and businesses to create a deeper relationship with their data in ways that were once inconceivable”.


Based on the East Coast of the USA, Doug joined Yabble this week and we're excited about what's to come!