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Why can’t I just use ChatGPT? Why Yabble’s Virtual Audiences is THE AI tool for market research

Ladle vs. tablespoon. Saw vs. wood carving knife. Lawn mower vs. weedwhacker. Tools are typically created with an intended use in mind. And while you can often use a tool multiple..

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The 2024 Super Bowl’s biggest advertising wins (and losses) according to Virtual Audiences

Keeping a finger on the pulse of brand perception is more crucial than ever, especially when the Super Bowl season kicks in. It's the time of the year when brands pull out all the..

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Traditional panels are dead! – Webinar recap

Of course, traditional panels aren’t truly dead – there is still a valid place for them as a part of your insights strategy.

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3 Ways to Skill Up for AI: Preparing for the Future of Technology

As the world continues to advance in technology, Generative AI has emerged as a transformative force across various industries. From personalized healthcare and virtual assistants..

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Generative AI in E-commerce: Understanding Online Shopper Behavior Like Never Before

The digital era has revolutionized how we shop. The global e-commerce market is projected to reach a staggering $6.3 trillion in 2023, which represents 21.2% of total retail..

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Synthetic data is going to eat you(r job)! with Doug Guion - Webinar recap

In an era where the boundaries between reality and digital innovation are increasingly blurred, the realm of data collection and utilization is undergoing a transformative shift...

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Synthetic Data: A Game-Changer in Data-Driven Decision Making

Synthetic data is making undeniable waves in the insight industry. In a recent article published in Research World, synthetic data was explored with a hint of skepticism,..

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Revolutionize Market Research with Synthetic Data: Why Companies Can't Afford to Ignore It

In the dynamic landscape of marketing and market research, synthetic data is a buzzword that's fast becoming a cornerstone of modern strategies. This transformative technology is..

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The Balancing Act of Short-Term Revenue Generation And Long-Term Growth

The path to marketing success is anything but linear these days. There’s an ongoing battle within marketers regarding how to balance capturing short term audience attention while..

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